For a one-page description of my professional career, please see:

Project Portfolio

The common thread to my career in robotics, neuroscience, and software development is that I work as a “research engineer” who writes software to solve a difficult, large-scale, or mathematical task. Developing hypothesis, constructing models, fitting data, analyzing patterns, optimizing – it is always the same old math applied to different contexts.

My project portfolio contains a detail-oriented but conversational description of some of my past projects:

Presentations and Slides

After leaving the academic sphere, I have not given many public talks or had the opportunity to attend as many as I would otherwise enjoy. Here are some of my old slides that people may still find interesting or useful.

Ph.D. Thesis

Art is never finished, only abandoned. – Leonardo da Vinci

A genius far ahead of his time, Leonardo’s words ring particularly true for my thesis project, as I am sure they do for anyone else who has completed an art project of that magnitude. A Ph.D. is inherently artistic because it is an opportunity to be driven to strange places by intense curiosity and passion, and the whole process drives you a little crazy.

My thesis was pretty strange: I tried to make a one-legged kangaroo robot.

If you are curious about it, I would recommend starting by skimming through the presentation slides first or listening to me give a brief thesis presentation:

My thesis title is a little tongue-in-cheek with regard to academic writing style – years later, it now makes me both groan and giggle because it is so long that even I cannot remember it all. If you want to dig into the thesis in all its beautiful imperfections, here it is:

Master’s Thesis

My masters thesis at Nagoya University mostly concerned with studying via simulation the intrinsic stability of passive dynamic robots. To challenge myself, I gave the final presentation in Japanese, but the English translation is doubtlessly more grammatically correct.


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Robot Gallery

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